Welcome, Nostrian!

Get your globally decentralized NIP05 Nostr Identifier. Claim your very own Nostr Name stored on the Signum Blockchain. Truly decentralized! All you need is a Nostr public key and a Signum Account.


  • You don't need an own internet domain
  • You are discoverable worldwide - no relays needed
  • Your keys, Your Id
  • No costs

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Claim your Name

Within three simple steps you can get your name

  • ① Choose your Name
  • ② Connect with XT Wallet
  • ③ Claim your Name

Choose your Name

Get your very own and unique name now. Check if your cool name is still available, then request it. Once selected, you can use it throughout the Nostr and/or Signum space. Everyone will be able to find you, regardless of what relays you or others use - a true global name.

Choose Name

Type the name you want to search for and hit [Enter] to check its availability.

Case insensitive name consisting only of letters and numbers and underscore

Your Public Keys

Now you need your public keys. Both your Nostr key and your Signum key. The easiest way is to use the Signum XT Wallet.

Only Chromium-based browsers and Firefox are supported

I want it!

When you claim your name, you will get a so called Alias. This Alias is a data container on the Signum Network and belongs exclusively to you. You can check and edit your Aliases, e.g. with the SignumSwap - DeFi Portal or the Signum Phoenix Wallet.

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